1. .50 Beowulf

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  3. Private Lheureux from 401e infanterie in October 1916.

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  4. British soldiers in gas masks in a look-out post at the front, where they communicate with radio, 1917.

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  5. Jean Prouvé, Bed Model No. 17, 1935. Made for the school interior of Lycée Fabert, Metz. Via Philipps

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  6. British Grenadier Guards, 1914 [1200 x 779]

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  7. Soldier in Tay Ninh shows off his beer.

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  8. Gas attack on the West Front, near St. Quentin 1918 - Note the German messenger dog loosed by his handler. 

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  9. Chevrolet Corvettes at Le Mans, 1960. Photos courtesy GM.

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  10. Hiroshi Sugitomo: Union City Drive-In, Union City, 1993