2. US Army constructed bridge damaged by unknown causes and in need of repair, 1967.

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  3. A German 24cm mortar at the moment of firing, early in Operation Barbarossa.


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  4. Soviet soldiers take up positions in front of the Detskoye Selo railway station in Pushkin during the Leningrad-Novgorod strategic offensive. Launched by the Soviets on 14 January 1944 with an attack on the German Army Group North (Heeresgruppe Nord) by the Soviet Volkhov and Leningrad Fronts, along with elements of the 2nd Baltic Front, the aim of the offensive was lifting the Siege of Leningrad. After two weeks of fighting, the Soviets regained control of the Moscow-Leningrad railway, and on 27 January 1944, the 872-day Siege of Leningrad was finally lifted and German forces were repelled from Leningrad Oblast. Pushkin, Leningrad (now, Saint Petersburg), Russia, Soviet Union. 21 January 1944.

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  5. Your moment of Zen, Zhang Kechun

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  6. A-20A Havoc bomber of US 58th Bomb Squadron flying over Oahu, Hawaii, May 1941. [1451x909]

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  7. US Army LRRP

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  9. Vought OS2U-2 Kingfisher, 1941. [1872x1402]

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  10. Chrysler Windsor Highlander

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